Authors’ Guide:


The subjects should be of interest for the research or technology development community in any of these areas: Computer Sciences, IT, Biomedical engineering, Telecommunications or Electronics.

Types of the received articles:

Scientific or technological research article

In which it is informed, in a detailed form, of original relevant results from scientific research or technological development. Their usual structure has four sections: introduction, methods, results and conclusions.

Reviewing article

Document consequence of literature review where results, from published or unpublished research, of a specific science or technology field, are analyzed and systematized; with the purpose of informing of the advances and development tendencies in the field. They are characterized by a careful biographic selection.

Reflection article

Papers with an analytic perspective, critical or interpretative, about the results of a specific research or technological development theme, from the author or others, for which the author carry out a methodical follow-up in order to present: consistency or inconsistencies, an extension, a modification or the proposition of a new perspective.

Policies for the Submission of Articles

Contributions are considered for publication when they have not been previously published, and are not currently submitted for its publications on any other media.

The acceptance is conditioned to the results of a double blind peer-reviewing process of at least two experts that can be of external institutions.

Reviewers consider the relevance of the paper for the scientific and technology development community, same as its quality.

No charge in the publishing process.

Editorial Process +

Publishing dates: May 13th and November 13th

The process takes a time approximately from 3 to 6 months, from the paper reception to its publishing

The journal numbers are published in November and May. Accepted contributions submitted before Augusto 15th will be published on the November number, and accepted contributions submitted before February 15th will be published in the May number.

Copyrights and author responsibilities:

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information, expressed ideas, opinions, and of the Web sites that in the article are quoted.

Article submission implicates that the authors accept to license that the copyrights for distribution and diffusion became property of the CUCEI of the Universidad de Guadalajara. Authors will keep the property rights that do not correspond to the publication of the work, such as patent rights. Also, authors are allowed to reuse part of their article in other documents and reproduce it for personal use.

Before the publication, authors are responsible of obtaining the copyright permissions for the illustrations, tables or textual extensive quotes of the material previously published somewhere else. Author must get this permission for the reproduction from both the author and the previous publishing source.

Manuscript Preparation

The document can be written either in Spanish or English, or in both modalities.

It has to be presented for review in PDF format.

Title: Try to be succinct

Abstract: No longer than 250 words, presented in a short form objectives, methods and on its case results and its importance. It most not contains references.

Keywords: A minimum of three and a maximum of eight keywords.

Text: With Arial font type in 10 points, simple space, one column, and left justification.

Sections and subsections: With decimal numeration.

Tables and Figures: Numbered in a consecutive order accordingly to their appearance in the text. Description has to be bellow starting with Table 1. Descriptive text or Figure 1. Descriptive text

Tables and Figures must appear in the manuscript in the place that will be published, in the size they will appear within the margin of the document and they have to be referred in the text. Be sure all their content is visible.

Equations: They have to be numbered in a consecutive way as they appear in the text, with the number in parenthesis and in the right side of the equation. Be sure that they are graphics of at least 600 dpi.

Video and audio material: In case that you want to include this type of material it has to be mentioned in the text. The maximum recommended size is 10-12 MB and a maximum of two files in video format mpg, qt or mov and for audio format wav, mp3 or wma.

Foot notes: Use them only if they are indispensable to present explicative documentation or material that included in the text might be a distracter. They should go numbered in a consecutive way and put at the end of the text, not at the end of each page.

References: References should go in APA format

Important note about auto-references: Because the manuscript will be blind reviewed, the auto-references on the reviewing form should be written as a third reference.

Extension: There is not a minimum or a maximum extension as long as what the authors write is important. However, if the size exceeds 30 pages including illustrations and reference, a brief justification in written should be sent explaining why the article should not be shorten.

Once the article is accepted for publication we will send instructions for the final format.

Send the article to indicating in the subject the area, e.g. Computer science